The Latte Training Academy, Inc. provides testing and assessment services to help participants udnerstand their strength and areas of growth. The organization provides the renouned ACT Work Keys Skills Assessment as well as the NCRC Career Readiness assessment. To register for an assessment, click here.

The Latte Training Academy, Inc. will begin offering workforce placement services beginning in July 2019. LTA also provides a variety of Economic Development services, to include entreprenuer training and technical assistance, including our USDA funded Entreprenuer Training Porgam. To learn more, click here. 

Workforce Development Services

The Latte Training Academy, Inc. believes that it produces the best qualified candidates through its various training and certification programs. As such, the organization is working towards developing a job placment alternative for employers within the CNMI. With the current labor crisis in the Northern Marianas, LTA is developing partnerships with organiations across the jurisdiciton to allow access to its trained workforce.

The Latte Training Academy, Inc. provides accredited training and certifications in the areas of Allied Health, Business Administration, Hotel & Hospitality, Information Technology and our newly added Barbering and Cosmetology program. To learn more about each of our programs, click here.

Workforce Training/ Certification

Testing & Assessments

Economic Development

The LTA workforce placement services allows for client organizations to assess candidates on a temp-to-hire basis to ensure that they meet the organiztional culture and needs. Employers are able to supplement workforce gaps and the need to fill short-term labor needs. To learn more about the program services and rates, click here